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Benefits of Mobile Dog Grooming 

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Where your pet is the Star

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Less Stress 

Mobile dog grooming offers a calm environment for your dog. We are able to provide a distraction-free zone for your dog, which means less stress. There are no barking dogs, loud noises, or people around to create anxiety. Each dog receives one on one attention. This dedicated time only to your dog allows us to get to know them on a more personal level and developed trust.  


Are you tired of driving your dog to the groomer and rearranging your whole schedule around a grooming appointment? Yes, that sounds terrible to us too! Mobile grooming will provide a much more convenient way for you to groom your pup. We take over your driveway (or street) and make it into a spa! No more waiting or driving! Best of all, we offer Latch-Key service too. This means you don't even have to be home. 

 Very Safe

Safety is our number one priority. We take every precaution to keep your pet safe and secure in our care.  Mobile dog grooming provides a safe environment by eliminating hot dryers and cages, as well as other animals.  We only use a hand dryer, which we can easily monitor for temperature. There are absolutely no cages involved in the process.  By eliminating your dogs' exposure to other animals, we are also eliminating many potential bacterias and diseases. 

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