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What do we offer?

We Are a Full-Service Mobile Pet Spa

Service Package 

Service Package 

Aromatherapy Infused Bath with a Hydro-massage

Blueberry Facial

2 Shampoo sessions and Conditioner

Tooth Brushing & Breath Spray

Blow-Dry (We do not cage dry)

Ear cleaning 

Sanitary trim

Full haircut

Nail trim, Nail Filling to smooth

Finishing Spray

Bandana, Bow-tie, Bow, or other  accessories

We welcome large and small breeds

We know many of you come to this page to find prices and we wish there was an easy answer. The fact is that each dog has different grooming requirements, which makes giving a flat rate price impossible without speaking with you first. We really hope you take the time to contact us for an accurate estimate. 


In order to make the process a bit easier, here are some questions we will ask when you contact us. 


  1. Breed

  2. Weight

  3. When was your dog last groomed

  4. How often would you like them groomed

  5. Dog's Name

  6. Your Address 


mobile dog groomer

Do you have a dog in need of a brush out ? 

With our De-shedding Package, your dog receives all of the above services plus more!

*Full haircut excluded from all Deshedding packages, unless agreed upon.

With this package, your dog is washed in a shampoo and conditioner that helps the release of unwanted hair. 


We let the dog soak in this great, oil-infused bath. 


After that, your pup is dried with a dryer that helps loosen up the dead hair. 


The last step is the brush out, which we do with an appropriate brush based on your dog's hair type.

Add On Services 

Did your dog befriend a skunk? We can help! Skunk Bath are available. Prices are base on the severity, size, condition of the coat and your dogs' behavior. 

Nail Trimming and Smoothing 


Nail Services are offered at a rate of 25 dollars.

We are not able to offer nail only service unless we are already near your area on a given day. So Please contact us well in advance and pre-book your appointment. 

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