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Canine Chic Stationary Salon 

Bring your Pet to us 

Are you looking for a one on one stress free grooming experience for your pet? 

At Canine Chic Salon, We specialize in a safe style of grooming, which we believe works best when each dog is given individualized attention. With this in mind we have created a salon that reflects this by implementing a one dog at a time method. Your pup will be safely groomed without the distraction of other clients, or dogs barking. 

Our salon is safely located inside Canyon Veterinary Hospital for Extra Peace of Mind. 


*To book an appointment call or text*

        No walk in appointments 


Our Location 

23 Water Street

Wellsboro, PA 16901

Hours - 

Thursday: 8am to 5pm

Friday: 8am to 5pm

Give us a try,

we are the BARK of the town!

Gentle Environment

I strive to provide the best possible experience for your pet, both in safety and stress related issues. Unlike traditional salons who manage many dogs all at once, I provide one one on service ONLY. This allows for individual attention. No barking dogs, cage drying, or multiple workers. Your pet will always see me as their groomer. 


Perfect for senior
or anxious pets
My salon is located inside a veterinary office, which means added help and proper care in case of any emergencies. If you request, the vet can give your pet some medicine to calm him down, which is super convenient for you and your pet. (Medicine is not given without parents consent, want, or request)

My detailed cleaning procedures distinguishes my salon from my others. I take great pride in keeping everything cleaned, especially now that we need to all be extra careful. Tools and touched areas are cleaned in between each pet with pet friendly cleaners.  


One-on-One Attention 

Your pet will be scheduled for a time and date in which he or she will be the only dog in the salon, making the grooming experience much less stressful. You will be notified when your pet is to be picked up. The whole grooming process is done from start to finish without any caging. 

Take the stress out of grooming 

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